Our core values

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As part of a 6-month working group dubbed the Culture Club, we've spelled out what it means to be a Wyvernian.

We're excited to introduce
you to our new core values.

Over the past six months, we have come together as a team to openly discuss the type of company culture we want to have by starting with two simple questions: (1) What’s already great about Wyvern’s culture? and (2) What do you think are elements of a fantastic culture but are not yet prominent at Wyvern? We discussed what was important, how a culture formed by these values would impact our company as we grow, and how these values support our people as well as our mission and vision. We’ve come up with seven values that together, truly represent what it means to be part of team Wyvern. 

We think outside the cube[sat].

We’re always thinking of new and outside-the-box ideas to drive innovation.

We enable a better future for our communities and our planet.

Wyvern’s imagery enables a sustainable future for the Earth. We make decisions with a long-term perspective and future generations in mind. We choose to enrich and grow our communities, including our local community here in Alberta and other communities we or our employees belong to, as part of pursuing a better future.

We communicate openly and honestly.

Communication is important to the success of Wyvern; we are honest and true to ourselves both as a company and individually.

We are reflective, receptive, and responsive.

We frequently and thoughtfully reflect on our actions and their outcomes, while being receptive to feedback and open to change.

We form a caring constellation who learn, grow, and progress together.

We cultivate a network of people who care about and are supportive of each other, and who strive to personally and professionally grow on a daily basis.

We encourage laughter, enthusiasm, and originality.

We foster an environment that is open to everyone and their quirks, and we encourage everyone to show up to work as their whole self.

We take initiative and persevere on our mission.

Wyvernians have a bias to action and approach problems with tenacity and resilience.
Wyvern is building something big. Our vision is to provide actionable intelligence from space, anywhere in the solar system. To achieve this we need to entirely reimagine how satellite Earth observation is done. We are powered by humans who are passionate about space and are redesigning the satellite to truly enable a sustainable future for humanity. As we build towards this future, these values will guide us to make the best possible decisions for Wyvern and for our people, and we’re excited to share these values with our community. 

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