Join Us On FirstLight

Later this year, our first generation satellites will be launched into space. And we want to take you with us.  That is FirstLight: a chance to join our inaugural mission into space. 

For a limited time, we are searching for a few key players in the industries below. 

Perks include dedicated onboarding, exceptional customer service, and a low risk preferential pricing for the first year. 



For National Parks, lakes, and oceans, hyperspectral imagery means convenient remote access to massive terrains and vital information on ecosystem health.


From crop health to moisture mapping and input optimization, hyperspectral imagery will give you the confidence you need to get the most out of your growing season.


From pipeline monitoring to identifying sources of greenhouse gas and methane leaks, Wyvern’s precision remote imaging capabilities offers improved oversight and operation optimization.


Wyvern’s deployable optics are changing the game with convenient access to 5m shortwave infrared (SWIR) on the way, enabling exceptional and detailed intelligence from space.


Need to map vast amounts of land and narrow down your search for the most valuable deposits? We’ve got you covered.


Pinpoint stands of highly stressed trees and improve forest inventory and health. With access to high spatial resolution hyperspectral imaging, reach a deeper understanding of biodiversity, natural disturbances, and the effects of climate change.


We are breaking through the limitations of satellite-based remote sensing by providing better hyperspectral spatial resolution than ever before. Say goodbye to pixel mixing, and hello to streamlined GHG monitoring.

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To start your journey with Wyvern and to see what affordable hyperspectral imagery means for your company, please drop us a line below!


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David Miller

Mechanical Design Engineer

David has 5 years of experience with complex mechanical design and prototyping. He earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering for designing Stirling engines for Alberta’s geothermal industry. David is always striving to learn more and share his experience by teaching and mentoring in mechanical design and manufacturing. After work, David is in the woods or woodworking.

Chris Stewart

Data Engineer and Data Scientist

Industrial Engineer with a Masters in Clinical Engineering where he worked on data from smart distributed medical devices. Chris has experience spanning the Aerospace, Manufacturing & Healthcare fields and loves diving into all things data. In his spare time he enjoys sailing and the outdoors.

Adam Keith

Strategy and Business Development

Adam Keith brings over 20 years experience in the downstream Earth observation business, working with government, industry and the investment community along the value-chain.

Pundeep Hundal

Mechanical Engineering - Co-op Student

Pundeep Hundal has finished 2-year of his BSc.-Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. He has 4-years of management experience having worked in the fast food industry as a supervisor. He has a deep rooted interest in space, particularly satellites and launch vehicles. His interest in space as well as his drive to learn led him to join AlbertaSat students project group at the University of Alberta. There, some of his duties include orbital operations, defining satellite properties, testing of ADCS Unit as well as administrative and educational outreach tasks. Pundeep plans to leverage his experience from AlbertaSat and Wyvern towards an eventual career in the aerospace industry.”

Ian Splinter

Product Development Manager

Prior to joining Wyvern, Ian Splinter was the CEO of Cocoaburra Chocolates, a company he co-founded that specialized in producing fully custom 3D chocolates. In his free time, he is an avid rock climber and wood carver.

Taryn Haluza-Delay

Satellite Systems Lead

BSc. in Engineering Physics. 4 years as a Systems Engineer with the student group AlbertaSat. Rock climbs and plays competitive Ultimate Frisbee when not designing space hardware.

Vincent Sauer

R&D Scientist

Dr. Vincent Sauer received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has over 10 years experience in the fields of optics, nanophotonics, and nano-electromechanical systems. He likes to run, and as a result has an unhealthy knowledge about running shoes.

Christine Tovee


Christine Tovee has over 15 years in the aerospace and defence sectors both in Europe and North America. Her experience spans engineering management as well as research and development projects and at Airbus Group, she held the position of Chief Technology Officer for the North American division.

Kurtis Broda

VP Product and Co-Founder

Kurtis Broda is VP Product and co-founder of Wyvern. Previously, he was a systems engineer at General Dynamics. Kurtis holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering where developed a new way of measuring compounds that influence global climate change.

Callie Lissinna

COO and Co-Founder

Nearly 6 years of experience working on four different satellites at the University of Alberta. People-oriented; background in mechanical engineering and math. In the evenings she teaches jazz and ballet classes for competitive dancers.

Kristen Cote

VP R&D and Co-Founder

Kristen has 7+ years of experience with conceptualization, detailed design, and characterization of optical payloads for space, ranging from laser-based spectroscopy for planetary science, to imaging cameras for Earth observation, to optical atomic clocks for space-based gravitational wave detection. At Wyvern she oversees the development of our in-lab deployable optics prototype. At the same time she is working towards her PhD in physics at the University of Toronto as a Vanier Scholar. 

Chris Robson


Captains the [space] ship. MSc in orbital design and analysis, former AlbertaSat Project Manager, an expert in all things mechanical.